What could make a startup cost of $1,500 seem like absolutely nothing?

#2 About Me


When I realized that I was the one manifesting my world, I thought to myself, "If that's true, then why don't I manifest a life where I just get money easily and effortlessly without doing any work?"

And then it happened. On November 2, 2021, I "retired". I went from dead-broke to doing what I've been meant to do getting 30,000 USDT-worth of crypto every month and growing.

I'm not actually retired. I'm fortunate to get to work on new projects that I want to bring into this world and transform peoples' lives.

Buy Gold and Spend It Using a Debit Card

I've been using Glint for about a month now (it's May 24, 2021) and I'm very happy about how easy AND CHEAP it is to buy gold and spend it using Glint.

The point is that whatever the market value is in Dollars or Euros, I can use my Glint debit card to pay for stuff in Dollars or Euros.

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Quality Assets, Low Fees and Smart Technology

Literally the easiest way to become a real estate investor. Start with $10 USD if you want.

Create a goal within the app: by X number of years I want my asset portfolio to be worth Z amount of Dollars. It will automatically calculate how much you need to invest every month to reach that goal.

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Makara has already built you a personalized, diversified crypto portfolio based on your needs.

Also literally: the easiest way to invest in crypto!

Makara vets the crypto projects for you and categorizes them into different "baskets".

You can choose which "baskets" your investment money will go to.

Make it an automatic thing to deposit investment money OR invest whenever you feel like it.

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